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Countries with the most overseas Koreans + only one Korean + Syria

Report of overseas Koreans in 2015 by Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Countries with the most overseas Koreans
1) China (2.586M, 36%)
2) USA (2.239M, 31.2%)
3) Japan (0.856M, 11.9%)
4) Canada (0.224M, 3.1%)

Countries with only one Korean
San Marino, Europe (citizen)
Liechtenstein, Europe (permanent resident)
Andorra, Europe (permanent resident)
Kiribati, Pacific Ocean (permanent resident)
Barbados, Caribbean Sea (ordinary resident)

2009: 122 Koreans
2011: 162 Koreans
Since 2013, all Koreans withdrew from Syria


Instiz: 5 countries that only one Korean lives in

- I don't think I can ever live in another country by myself ㅠㅠ

- They must have another family in their country... They'll be joyful if they meet a fellow Korean

- I've never heard of those countries except Liechtenstein and Syria

- Andorra pays tax to both France and Spain

- Barbados reminds me of Rihanna

- Hul, they must not have a Korean store to go to ㅠㅠ

- I think the Koreans in Europe won't be as lonely because it's easy to go around in Europe ㅋㅋ

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