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Article: 'Anniversary of EXID's climb' Fancams become a sword

Source: Sports Seoul via Naver

1. [+809, -45] Fancams weren't meant for promotion. They were originally a hobby of some ajusshis but Hani changed the purpose... Anyways, it's good that a talented group like EXID got to shine by Hani's fancam.

2. [+639, -40] EXID is a good example of fancam

3. [+477, -36] I think it's a result of their hard-work

4. [+404, -25] It's true that they were lucky with the fancam but they had good songs, talent, fandom, and basics. People started talking about them and they grabbed the chance of public recognition. It was a big reverse. Success is hard but most of failed celebrities don't even have those basic requirements. Imitations and changes are limited.

5. [+272, -49] Is there any guy who frowned at the fancam, though?
- It looks better if you frown actually
- Hong Seok Chun
- I did because I didn't have my glasses on

6. [+80, -3] Fancams are much better and fun than music shows. Music shows keep changing the camera angles, zoom-in, zoom-out, and it's just so messy.

7. [+64, -7] EXID showed the power of fancams and climbing back on the chart

8. [+58, -3] The big chance comes at once. Crayon Pop's beginning was when they were performing at an army and the soldiers were jumping along. Hani's fancam for EXID. Aiiing for Hyeri.

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