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Liking someone crazily + getting rejected

Pann: Have you ever liked someone crazily?

("How did you feel when you got rejected?")

1. [+168, -1] I can't confess if I like someone crazily

2. [+117, -4] I felt like the sky was broken into two... I was young and it was my first love. I cried every time I woke up, cried during breaks, and always cried... I don't think I ever liked someone that much after him... It still aches my heart ㅠㅠ

3. [+111, -1] I couldn't do anything for weeks because whatever I was doing, I kept getting reminded of him and cried.

4. [+53, -0] You feel stupid and your confidence hits the bottom. But I think it's an experience that you must go through.

5. [+51, -0] I still couldn't get over him and kept liking him. I felt like a loser.

6. [+40, -0] I was in denial at first but I accepted it afterwards. It's hard to love someone like that again. When I'm starting to fall for someone, I tell myself that it's just a delusion. I get nervous and tired. But the funny thing is that I want to love again...

7. [+34, -0] I was sad that I got rejected but I was more sad that my relationship with him got worsened... I knew that he had no interest in me but I kept liking him. I felt so pathetic and it drove me crazy.

8. [+31, -2] I couldn't confess or do anything. I just like him so much and he makes me cry ㅋㅋ I'm worried about myself because I like him too crazily. I wonder if I'll be able to love someone else after him.

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