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DB5K's last photo at a waiting room before their split

Pann: TVXQ's last photo at a waiting room before disbandment

1. [+306, -49] It's not a disbandment, the three members withdrew from the group. Why are you talking about disbandment to a group that's still promoting?

2. [+296, -114] It's just my personal thought but JYJ members look lively and full of hope about their future and dreams. The other two members look like their mentality is out of them... They look blank and pitiful.

3. [+281, -102] You can see how they're divided as 3:2 in 2009 promotions. From their interviews and promotions at that time, the three members look so happy but the two members look tired for some reason. There's a video where Yunho is hosting and talking hard but the three members don't even react. Yunho tries hard until the end. On their very last stage, Yunho and Changmin look soulless. Changmin's eyes are out of focus and his face looks extremely sad.

4. [+225, -68] Never mind about SM or the fans. Let's just look at the fact. After they withdrew, Yoochun erased two stars from Cassiopeia and uploaded the picture with the caption "let's cut off the wings." I still remember this clearly. But now they're saying they want to unite with TVXQ members and cry. I can only see them as acting fake and selling emotions. I know that he was always so emotional but cutting Cassiopeia off? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I left JYJ's fandom because his statement about cutting off the wings shocked me.

5. [+193, -96] The comments here make it seem like JYJ members are traitors and TVXQ members are the victims. From non-fans, TVXQ looks pitiful but JYJ is more pitiful. TVXQ fans have told me that Changmin never does anything that will be negative for him. They're staying in SM because it's beneficial. JYJ can't even be on the broadcast when they left years ago.

6. [+157, -21] Whether they had a bad relationship or not, the three members' withdrawal was legitimate and SM lost all the trials. Let's not make up rumors~

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