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B2ST can't get their Olympic Stadium concert sold out?

Available tickets after three days of ticketing


Pann: B2ST can't get their Olympic Stadium concert sold out

1. [+197, -642] B2ST is a declining group. Bangtan is the trend.

2. [+186, -398] It's like most of their fans have left

3. [+157, -501] ShiInBea? SHINee's domestic fandom is weak. SHINee's concert only has seated tickets. Infinite's domestic fandom is stronger than them. Sorry if I'm upsetting Shawols but I'm also mad how you guys are so proud of paid voting and putting Infinite down. So let me say what I want to say.

4. [+151, -22] It's Cube's fault to have done such a shitty job at ticketing. They held so many fansigns and the next day was the ticketing day. And a lot of fans bought tickets at the spot. Many of them couldn't even get a ticket, you fucking loser.

5. [+146, -17] Is Bangtan famous? Most of the people in their 20's don't even know Bangtan.

6. [+140, -6] The concert was sold out at the spot. How is this not sold out ㅋㅋㅋ They paid money and bought the tickets, you fucking bitch.

7. [+135, -3] Sorry but I went there but it was sold out so I had to turn back

8. [+102, -2] I was in the standing area and I almost got stepped to death

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