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[Brave Journalists] Possessed shaman concludes a relationship

Instiz: [Brave Journalists] A conclusion of a relationship given by god, gay

Actor A and actress B had worked together for a project and started dating. The insiders were eyeing them with interest because they looked very close. The couple didn't confirm their relationship but the insiders were certain that they were dating. When the couple's managers were asked by close journalists, they even told them, "they're indeed dating but don't write articles on it."

The production conference was held. There was a journalist who knew they were dating. He asked, "how did A and B work together?" This question is frequently asked at conferences and the answers are positive all the time. But surprisingly, B answered with a darkened face, "well I learned a lot... I learned a lot." A lot of journalists and staff at the conference knew about their relationship. B's ambiguous and negative answer puzzled them.

Actually, A and B broke up before the conference, and there was a reason.

When they were dating, there was barely any skinship. B asked A, "why don't we have skinship? Are we really dating?" A answered hesitantly, "we're still on good terms even without skinship. I really like a relationship like this." But B didn't take his answer and wondered if A didn't like her.

B went to a possessed shaman C that she usually talks to. C has big connections and also knew about A and B. B went up to C and told her, "unnie, my boyfriend is like this. I don't think he likes me." C looked at A's fortune and said, "he's gay!" A was dumbfounded.

A and B were having a date. B told A, "I met unnie C and she said you're gay! I got really upset so I had a big fight with her and left. Do you think it makes sense?!" But instead of denying, A hesitated and apologized her. B asked him what he was apologizing for, but he kept apologizing without answers.

B was very shocked and they ended up breaking up. Because of that, B's face darkened when she was asked about A at the conference.

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