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Top 3 songs of idols this year?

Pann: Write down top 3 songs of idols this year

(Pann says Lion Heart, Ring My Bell, and Love Me Right)

1. [+201, -101] View, Bad, Wonderful Barn

2. [+193, -56] Loser, View, Lion Heart

3. [+142, -24] Call Me Baby, View, Bad

4. [+81, -52] Girl's Day's title track and b-sides were all good. It's a pity. I hope they bring good songs and show their good side.

5. [+65, -16] Hurt Locker and Um Oh Ah Yeah for girl groups. Loser, Bang Bang Bang, and Infinite's Between Me And You for boy groups.

6. [+58, -23] Love Me Right~ Aha!

7. [+58, -6] Loser, Bang Bang Bang, View

8. [+51, -10] Also Ring My Bell for me ㅋㅋ I've been a Daisy for 4 years and thought the title track was lacking. I was stupid. My friends loved it and it's so catchy ㅋㅋ I also liked Infinite's Bad, BTOB's It's Okay, and Nine Muses' Hurt Locker!

9. [+50, -18] Sunggyu's second album, Ring My Bell, Glass Bead

10. [+45, -3] Too many... View, Bad, and Love Me Right for boy groups. Hi~, Dumb Dumb, and Lion Heart for girl groups.

11. [+28, -3] Lion Heart, View, Heart

12. [+23, -1] View, Love Me Right, Me Gustas Tu

13. [+17, -1] Bigbang, SNSD, and EXO were the biggest hits this year

14. [+16, -1] Let's Not Fall In Love, Sweet Girl, Um Oh Ah Yeah

15. [+15, -1] Love Me Right, View, Leon

16. [+13, -0] Bang Bang Bang, Love Me Right, and You Think. People don't like You Think but I liked it.

17. [+7, -3] I guess Remember flopped hard. How come nobody's talking about this?

18. [+7, -4] I'm a guy and I'm a fan of Apink, but I think all of the girl groups' songs were mediocre this time. At least Um Oh Ah Yeah was something to listen to. The biggest hits this year are Bigbang and EXO.

19. [+7, -3] Am I the only one who's never heard of View? Am I behind or something?

20. [+6, -2] What's with these shameless people mentioning View? It definitely didn't do well enough to be considered in top 3 this year. Dumb Dumb and Me Gustas Tu did much better than View. Um Oh Ah Yeah and Ring My Bell were much more public-friendly than View. Bigbang's songs are a wall digitally and physically.

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