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Whereabouts of 'Ulzzang Shidae 7' members

Ko Doo Rim

Han Ah Reum Song Yi

Han Jinho

Jeon Daeho

Jang Hyun

Ahn Jiho


Pann: Whereabouts of 'Ulzzang Shidae 7' members

1. [+179, -1] Han Jinho and Han Ah Reum Song Yi's faces are melting

2. [+146, -25] Honestly, the only ulzzangs that didn't change their faces are Hong Young Ki, Yoo Hye Joo, and Yoo Bo Hwa.

3. [+113, -1] Han Jinho and Han Ah Reum Song Yi's faces will melt as they age

4. [+53, -1] Hul, Ko Doo Rim got so much prettier. It's good to see her sticking to her own looks instead of copying others. She looks more natural.

5. [+44, -0] He was the stupidest member but he's the most successful one ㅋㅋ

6. [+38, -2] Ji Yunmi changed her name to Ji Ha Yoon and debuted as an actress! She's in the same company as Hong Jong Hyun~ She was on Who Are You.

7. [+32, -1] All of them weren't pretty or handsome and they still aren't. Han Jinho hasn't changed, he's still wearing thick makeup ㅋㅋ Hong Young Ki and Yoo Hye Joo are the only ones that survived. Both of them don't look unnatural like the ones above and their makeup is really good. Both are the prettiest.

8. [+24, -3] Where's Ji Yunmi? Her name is now Ji Ha Yoon and was on Who Are You!

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