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Naeun and Seolhyun in a photo

Pann: Obvious two-shot of Naeun and Seolhyun

1. [+230, -84] I see what people mean when they say Seolhyun is naturally pretty

2. [+139, -48] Naeun's skin is so pale...

3. [+134, -103] Naeun is pretty indeed. Her skin tone and her fit... She's shining even more because of her skin. It's also her light hair color.

4. [+89, -65] Am I the only one who thinks Seolhyun looks more dimensional and prettier?

5. [+53, -24] The difference between their visuals in historical drama

6. [+52, -10] Am I the only one who thinks Seolhyun is prettier? Her head is also smaller.

7. [+45, -2] Naeun fans will find Naeun prettier and Seolhyun fans will find Seolhyun prettier... No need to compare them~

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