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(SPOILERS) 'The Genius 4 - Grand Final' has its winner!

Big thanks to Bumdi for subbing The Genius 4!!! (Watch the final episode here before reading this article)

Article: 'The Genius 4' Jang Dongmin wins the final match, becomes the king of Avengenius

Source: Xports News via Naver

1. [+11578, -151] I can't believe someone like him exists... How can he win every time?

2. [+8548, -179] King of the kings God Dongmin!!

3. [+7750, -149] As expected of Jang Dongmin. Amazing.

4. [+7250, -137] Jang Dongmin is jjang. I was shocked.

5. [+6659, -131] He was definitely God Dongmin!!!

6. [+2710, -59] I honestly never thought he'd totally slay Kim Kyunghoon by 2:0. Jang Dongmin is so amazing.

7. [+2533, -52] What if Jang Dongmin chose to have a different job, not a comedian?

8. [+2473, -60] Kim Kyunghoon's class was revealed as they were playing new games. Jang Dongmin is a monster but Kim Kyunghoon is only good at the games that he previously studied, just like memorizing education. Jang Dongmin is outstandingly good at solving new questions.

9. [+2340, -37] I knew Jang Dongmin would win when he solved the 800 billion question

10. [+2268, -115] Lee Sangmin looked so cool when he said they should shake off bad feelings as they were holding hands.

Article: 'The Genius', God Dongmin was as expected

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+6643, -688] Jang Dongmin should've joined Infinity Challenge

2. [+5593, -622] God Dongmin's brain shouldn't even be compared to Infinity Challenge fraud Noh Hongchul.

3. [+5064, -175] I had happy Saturdays thanks to The Genius. I hope the best for Jang Dongmin's future.

4. [+4179, -127] Jang Dongmin is a real genius. Congratulations~!

5. [+4414, -431] Woah fuck, I thought he was Won Bin. God Dongmin is freaking handsome.

6. [+1201, -23] He had a god's brain but he was even cooler because his game manners were a gentleman's. He turned back when Kim Kyung Hoon was using his Secret chance and he played the game until the end for Kim Kyunghoon. He totally deserves the 'king of the kings' title.

7. [+1141, -27] I pissed in my pants when he solved the 900 billion question... I didn't expect him to slay the final...

8. [+1013, -29] He really is God Dongmin. Just like he said, I hope people change their perspective on comedians.

9. [+1015, -53] Jang Dongmin should've joined Infinity Challenge. He's a playwriting major so the writers would be less pressured. He was from KBS Gag Concert when the show was at its highest peak so his skits are excellent. He's the winner on The Genius so he'll do well on chasing projects. On Eco Village and Time Traveler, he did hard labor until the end. He'll do well on long-term projects. He sings better than Kwanghee.

10. [+981, -28] If there's a variety show that suits Jang Dongmin, it'll be really popular. Too bad there isn't a show like that.

Article: Hong Jinho tells 'The Genius' winner Jang Dongmin, "I'll take just half of your winning prize"

Source: Star News via Naver

On Crime Scene 2, Jang Dongmin had told Hong Jinho, "I'll give you the winning prize I won on another show." Hong Jinho uploaded the screencap on his Instagram.

1. [+5358, -53] Omg ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Kong's sudden attack ㅋㅋ

2. [+4252, -65] Dongmin-hyung, give him $22,222.22

3. [+3817, -455] Of course, Jang Dongmin screws up with his mouth ㅋㅋㅋ


Source: Nate

1. [+808, -60] Jang Dongmin is really the king of the kings. He always understood the rules of main matches. He dominated most games. His competitors were Harvard, Kaist, announcers, and those that had the best education in Korea. He won them. No, he dominated them. Noh Hongchul is seen as a strategist on Infinity Challenge but he was eliminated early. It's a pity that Jang Dongmin wasn't the Sixth Man. He can sing so he would've done well on Infinity Challenge Music Festival.

2. [+573, -26] "I want to tell Kim Kyunghoon that compared to a delicate flower that grew up sheltered in a greenhouse, a wild flower that grew out in a harsh rain will be more beautiful, more resilient, and smell better." I don't know if a writer wrote this or Jang Dongmin said himself, but it was touching. I watched the first episode by a chance and recommended the show to my friends. I'm happy to see the show's current popularity. I'm sad that a high quality show is ending.

3. [+507, -20] Hong Jinho and Jang Dongmin are amazing geniuses!

4. [+67, -12] Women's community cafe is out of their mind. They say they'll forgive him if he donates his entire prize to women's association ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Who are they to be demanding an apology? What kind of bullshit is this?

5. [+52, -9] Jang Dongmin was seriously a genius. I was amazed when he figured out the greatest common divider.

6. [+50, -22] Infinity Challenge Sixth Man. What the hell is Kwanghee ㅡㅡ

7. [+49, -15] Jang Dongmin, "I said I'll give you the prize I won, not the prize I will win."

8. [+45, -1] I wondered if Jang Dongmin was only good at tricking but I admitted that he had a high IQ when he was solving mystery sign problems.

9. [+44, -3] He suits The Genius the most

10. [+43, -3] I can see why Yoo Jae Suk wants Jang Dongmin. His quick judgement is good and he can read the flows of the games. These days, all Kwanghee says on Infinity Challenge is nonsense. That's why they're not doing chasing projects anymore. If they do, Kwanghee won't do anything... It's a waste.

Article: 'The Genius 4' Jang Dongmin solves a math question of 800 billion, his crazy brain skills

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+881, -28] I couldn't speak as I was watching it... He was slaying everything to the point it was boring. He's not God Dongmin anymore, he's God God God. I'll be waiting for season 5.

2. [+772, -19] Jang Dongmin is seriously the best. Daebak God Dongmin.

3. [+767, -24] Shout God Dongmin!!!! The best player ever with two wins!!!

4. [+131, -4] Jang Dongmin's brain suits The Genius but he also showed his warm personalities by continuing to play the game even after he was confirmed to win. He showed what a true winner is.

5. [+121, -3] People have different opinions on Jang Dongmin after they watch The Genius ㅋㅋㅋㅋ His intelligence catches your attention and you start to find him handsomer and handsomer ㅋㅋ God Dongmin for The Genius!!

6. [+118, -2] To summarize today's episode, Jang Dongmin was a genius. I couldn't believe what I was watching.

Article: 'The Genius 4' Jang Dongmin wins, again becomes the king after season 3... winning prize of $132,000

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+858, -31] Jang Dongmin is such an amazing person

2. [+784, -25] He would've still won even if he didn't continue to play... I was so nervous when he got a wrong answer. His mentality is really great.

3. [+686, -28] God Dongmin!!!

4. [+148, -5] He got his head hit by Kim Soo Mee. He couldn't eat udon freely. He was scolded for buying wrong ice cream. This was who Jang Dongmin was. But he beat Harvard, Kaist, Seoul University, and IQ 150 and won twice. My mouth hung open. Amazing.

5. [+138, -3] To think that Korea's genius is being a comedian... I know that he's a gag genius but ㅠㅠ It's so cool how he beat all those smart people and won...

6. [+134, -2] He was the most perfect person on all seasons of The Genius. At first, I thought he was there for his gags but I was wrong. I hope he succeeds even more. Farewell.

7. [+119, -10] Infinity Challenge lost their best new member thanks to their stupid stans that pretend to be well-mannered online. Jang Dongmin has speed, planning skills, brilliant ideas, ruins himself for gags, but makes the best decisions at critical times. Jang Dongmin also knew that he could never satisfy the stubborn stans of Infinity Challenge even if it wasn't his controversy. It was clear that Noh Hongchul drank and drove but the stans managed to come up with conspiracy theories to defend him. This is how crazy they are and it's a gamble to satisfy them. Besides, Jang Dongmin was at his highest peak at that time. He was on every channel, he had no reason to be on Infinity Challenge. But he wanted to join the show because he was thankful of Yoo Jae Suk. Before his controversy, he told his hardships to Yoo Jae Suk and cried. Yoo Jae Suk was a sunbae who comforted him when he was having a hard time even though they had zero relation. The sunbae's show was struggling, and he went on Sixth Man to pay back to Yoo Jae Suk. Infinity Challenge would've succeeded more if Jang Dongmin was picked. It's an irony that those who opposed Jang Dongmin were people that trash their garbage everywhere but pretend to be saints online.

8. [+115, -3] He became stronger than Black Garnet season

9. [+104, -2] Jang Dongmin became a genius sociologically. His brain can't be established by knowledge only.

10. [+102, -5]
Season 1 winner Hong Jinho. Wisdom - the one that seeks intelligent solutions
Season 2 winner Lee Sangmin. Politics - the one that controls people
Season 3 winner Jang Dongmin. Trust - the one that wins people's hearts
Season 4 winner Jang Dongmin. Slay - the true king

Article: 'The Genius' winner Jang Dongmin, "I wish people would think more highly of comedians"

Source: My Daily via Naver

1. [+127, -9] As a fan of The Genius, I feel bad... I really feel bad... that Jang Dongmin wasn't the Sixth Man on Infinity Challenge. It could've been so much fun... I still can't forget his words that Infinity Challenge needs him if they want to last for 20~30 years... Jang Dongmin is a really amazing genius.

2. [+109, -10] I was starting to get over it but I got reminded again ㅠㅠ God Dongmin should've been the Sixth Man!!!! God Dongmin jjang jjang

3. [+54, -2] It was possible because it was Jang Dongmin. Honestly, even if other comedians are smart, they'll never be able to play like Jang Dongmin. They say Jang Dongmin is always charismatic except when doing gags.

4. [+23, -4] I honestly don't think Jang Dongmin wanted to join Infinity Challenge. He was already doing so many shows and didn't have time ㅋㅋ Besides, people are so sensitive about Infinity Challenge so if you do something wrong on the show, you get nothing but hate. There's absolutely no reason for Jang Dongmin wanting to join the show. As people know, Yoo Jae Suk is carrying Infinity Challenge alone since Noh Hongchul's withdrawal and he's very pressured. Jang Dongmin went on Sixth Man to pay back to Yoo Jae Suk but it all screwed up because people made a fuss ㅋㅋ Watching Kwanghee these days only makes me think that losing Jang Dongmin was Infinity Challenge's biggest mistake ㅋㅋ

5. [+22, -5] Jang Dongmin is too good to join Infinity Challenge. They're just Yoo Jae Suk and Kids. Jang Dongmin is a leader level ㅋㅋ

Article: 'The Genius 4' Kim Kyunghoon's unexpected play makes Jang Dongmin flustered 'the crowd laughs'

Source: TV Daily via Naver

1. [+66, -5] I don't want to say bad things because he worked hard but... he was such a loser. His mentality was crushed because it wasn't a death match that he could prepare beforehand. A loss of a typical genius of memorizing education!

2. [+63, -3] Why do Lee Junseok and Kim Kyunghoon seem so different when both have good education background? And Jang Dongmin was so amazing today! He still managed to win despite all the curses and hate he got from women's community cafe!

3. [+61, -6] I wonder how Infinity Challenge would've changed if Jang Dongmin joined the show

Article: 'The Genius 4' Jang Dongmin wins the first round, number janggi

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+33, -0] Jang Dongmin is forever the Sixth Man in my heart

2. [+26, -0] Kim Kyunghoon's upset face ^^ At the end, I thought the janggi was 10 but it was the king... It was so fun to watch.

3. [+14, -0] He slayed it, it was even boring

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