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Rookie girl groups at red carpet





Oh My Girl


Pann: 2015 rookie girl groups at red carpet today

1. [+84, -7] I'm a Lovelyz fan but am I the only one who thinks Oh My Girl's outfits are so pretty? I wonder who CLC's stylist is. Their stage outfits are questionable and Yoojin was dressed in very erotic clothes. The stylist seems to like sparkling and weird clothes.

2. [+68, -7] Oh My Girl is pretty. For Lovelyz, the skirts are pretty but their shirts have no solution. They all look weird except Mijoo and Kei. For Oh My Girl, their hairstyles and makeup are the problem. Arin should put her hair down.

3. [+64, -5] All of their stylists are doing a terrible job ㅋㅋ Is Sonamoo doing a school festival or something? Oh My Girl looks pretty but it looks like they're at a graduation. CLC is pretty but their outfits look old-fashioned. Their stage outfits also have no solution. I think Lovelyz is wearing their stage outfits.

4. [+33, -8] They looked so pretty today

5. [+33, -7] Who said Oh My Girl is ugly ㅋㅋ I was watching it live and even though they were wearing black, they looked so cute and pretty. Seunghee doesn't have a pretty face but she's so cute. They're cute and talented.

6. [+33, -6] Oh My Girl is actually the prettiest

7. [+32, -3] Then why is B1A4's stylist doing their job like this

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