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Rookie girl group members that get mixed opinions






Pann: Rookie girl group members that get mixed opinions

1. [+192, -15] I like Seunghee, Kei, and Seulgi because they can sing. Not sure about Umji.

2. [+157, -28] I love Kei and Seulgi ㅠㅠ

3. [+132, -54] Seunghee is so cute on Oh My Girl Cast ㅠㅠ She can sing, she's from Superstar K2.

4. [+82, -127] All of them look like shit. It's not about mixed opinions, they're just ugly girls.

5. [+75, -11] I love Kang Seulgi so much

6. [+69, -22] The more you see Kei, the more you find her pretty. I don't know why she's pretty but she's pretty. I used to think she's ugly but I find her pretty now. I wonder why she's pretty. Kei is pretty but I don't know why. Not about her voice, but her face is pretty. But I really don't understand why.

7. [+55, -21] Seunghee is so cute though <3

8. [+47, -8] That GFriend kid is the weirdest case. She's so ugly and she can't sing, dance, or do anything. They could've picked a talentless visual member instead. I just don't understand. Kei is honestly pretty to me. Seulgi is pretty and talented in singing and dancing. Seunghee can sing. But what can that kid do?

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