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JYP's management is the poorest of the big 3?

Pann: Honestly, from SM YG and JYP

(Pann says JYP has the poorest management of the big 3)

1. [+236, -15]
SM: We brought everyone because we don't know what you'll like
YG: We won't bring anyone because we don't know what you'll like
JYP: I came instead because we don't know what you'll like

2. [+163, -39] Well... I'm a YG stan but I think JYP is the most humane and has big potentials. 15&, Day6, Wonder Girls, GOT7, 2PM, 2AM, and etc have their unique colors and their music doesn't get mixed opinions. People criticize Park Jin Young's style but I guarantee that in ten years, YG, SM, and JYP will be positioned completely different. Park Jin Young produced Wonder Girls, 2PM and Rain, which a lot of kids don't know nowadays. 2PM's peak was short but their popularity at that time was bigger than EXO. I want Park Jin Young to pursue music with his style instead of going for business.

3. [+141, -11] It's true that JYP does the least promotions than other companies. But I think they're trying to grow their artists slowly. They're not into making them popular. It's like they're doing it in their own way. Although it's also the reason why they're doing the worst.

4. [+80, -3] SM is Everland. YG is a club. JYP is a cafe.

5. [+53, -10] But JYP has the least controversies and is clean.

6. [+51, -0] SM is like a huge house with a backyard. People talk and laugh as they eat steak at a long table. YG is like a really famous club. People drink expensive wine and some watch the crowd from the top. JYP is a family. They do groceries and cook at home to go to a picnic. Like a typical dad.

7. [+40, -4] I think JYP is doing it right. Gaining popularity by media-play will get them immediate attention but it also show their weakness too quickly. JYP's style is getting popular slowly. They don't do too much media-play, which I like more.

8. [+34, -2] I like JYP though. They're like a company that truly loves music. Whereas YG is like a crew of druggies with excessive media-play and business of delinquents. If JYP also wanted to earn money by media-play and music, they would've cast flower boys on a street and be successful already. These companies have different goals.

9. [+31, -0] Does anybody even know Day6 debuted? They're so talented but there's not a single article of them on Naver's mainpage. This is honestly worse than small companies...

10. [+31, -4] Why does JYP not think of doing any promotions? There's zero media-play for Day6 who just debuted and G-Soul who was a trainee for 16 years.

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