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[Brave Journalists] The worst producer of girl group

A is a famous female producer. She was told to produce a song for girl group B that was about to debut. Girl group B had a member from a beauty pageant and was very talented in singing and dancing. They were already famous by the insiders and their debut was anticipated.

Before B's debut, A bought B food, complimented them, and won the members' hearts. B started to follow A and B's CEO also trusted A a lot.

B was not from a big company but as soon as they debuted, their schedule was packed with events, photo shoots, broadcast, and etc. It was a rare case and the insiders said B's debut was very successful.

One day, B had a schedule to do an open broadcast. The CEO decided to visit them but the members and the manager weren't there. He kept calling them but they didn't answer. The staff kept pressuring the CEO and the CEO lied that B got into an accident. B did not come until the open broadcast ended. Their next schedules were also cancelled because they didn't show up.

It didn't make sense that a rookie group kept cancelling their schedules. Bad rumors started to spread and their credibility hit them bottom.

After days, the CEO got a call from one of the members! She asked him to come to them with an almost dying voice. The CEO went to them and saw all the members. The members used to look so pretty but they were now so skinny, smelled weird, and became weird. They were shivering of fear as they were meeting the CEO.

The CEO asked them what happened. Apparently, A called B and told them to come and see her before the open broadcast. B's manager took the members to A's place. A then held out a baseball bat and told the manager that she'll make him a team captain if he didn't say anything about what would happen.

And then she started threatening the members with the baseball bat. A demanded them to sign a contract with another company. The members refused to and A started beating them with the baseball bat and cursed at them. The members still didn't sign the contract after the beating and A caged them into a room. She took their cellphones away to cut off all contacts.

The members were released after days. They told their CEO that they couldn't be a girl group anymore because they were too scared. They left the entertainment industry on that day.


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- Woah... daebak... cultural shock...

- Huh? Shouldn't this be reported to the police?

- There was a group like this? So they debuted, who are they?

- Hul... if it's true, then...

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