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Who do you think is going to win the next rookie award?

Girl groups:


Oh My Girl





Boy groups:



Monsta X



Pann: Who do you think is going to win the next rookie award?

1. [+63, -22] Realistically, it'll be Rookies vs iKON for boy groups and Lovelyz vs Twice vs GFriend for girl groups

2. [+59, -23] Not sure about Twice and iKON because they're not debuted yet. Maybe Seventeen and GFriend?

3. [+43, -9] If they debut before September passes, then it's iKON and Twice

4. [+24, -11] Seventeen and GFriend

5. [+18, -6] Seventeen! Hurry up and comeback to aim for the rookie award!

6. [+16, -8] 100% iKON for boy groups ㅋㅋ Winner swept the rookie awards the last time. iKON will do the same. YG is also gonna debut a girl group and they'll sweep the rookie awards also. I think it'll be a YG party.

7. [+16, -6] We have to see Lovelyz's next comeback. If they succeed, they'll win the award. Their Hi album sold well for a rookie group.

8. [+16, -0] GFriend, Seventeen, iKON

9. [+12, -5] iKON's debut, my ass ㅋㅋ Do you think people will like an embezzler's son's debut? Even if iKON debuts, Rookies will take the award.

10. [+12, -2] GFriend will definitely win the award 

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