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Uniqueness of SHINee and f(x)

Pann: Uniqueness of SHINee and f(x)

1. [+157, -44] Our music industry would flop if we don't have groups like SHINee and f(x). Most groups are always about typical catchy songs with skin exposure... I'm not generalizing all groups, though.

2. [+155, -20] They have big public recognition. You have to admit them. I'm not a fan but I like how SHINee always comes with a new concept every time. SHINee hwaiting.

3. [+145, -12] But more people still look down on them and call their music trash because they're idols ㅠㅠ

4. [+76, -2] How did SM even pick these five members for SHINee? Their instinct is scary. Just like the experts are saying, they're a miracle of music industry

5. [+68, -2] I actually dislike SHINee and f(x)'s music but they always get the best reviews by experts

6. [+68, -1] I like how f(x) and SHINee are not too public-friendly. Honestly, public-friendly songs have typical lyrics about love. Breaking up, missing someone, loving, liking, fluttering, and etc. Public-friendly songs are still good but f(x) and SHINee portray love in their unique style.

7. [+62, -0] I really like SHINee and f(x)'s refreshing music! It refreshes my ears. I was never disappointed with any of SHINee's song, whether it was a title track or a b-side. All of their songs are good ㅋㅋ

8. [+57, -1] Those two groups are very suited for attracting stans. They make my eyes and ears enjoy. They also have to fight against the prejudice because of their beautiful visuals ㅠㅠ

9. [+44, -0] SM's experimental mentality got it right. I think it was Hitchhiker? SM's composer had an interview and they said they submitted their compositions to a lot of companies but SM was the only one that accepted it. They have to be unique with the songs and concepts. I'm not even a fan but I always download f(x) and SHINee's songs. They're so legendary.

10. [+44, -0] F(x)'s concept is unique among girl groups

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