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Blind item of girl group with bad relationship & soon disbandment

A popular girl group has always had rumors of bad relationship since debut. There's actually massive bullying going on in the group.

Member A is the group's center for her good skinny body and fancy looks. Other members were jealous and started to be stressed. Member B, who has neither good looks or singing talent, started the bullying.

But despite their bullying, A showed potentials in acting and the members' dissatisfaction reached the peak. The members went to their CEO and strongly told him to stop promoting A.

A found out about it and gathered the members. She asked them, "will you be happy if I leave?" and considered retiring seriously.

But even though the talk was meant to talk out their feelings, their conflict did not resolve. This girl group is currently focusing on their individuals promotions only. Insiders say the girl group will disband soon.


Instiz: Girl group with bad relationship, will they disband after bullying popular member A? [entertainment rumors]

- Isn't there only one girl group when it comes to bad relationship recently?

- I'm thinking of two groups...

- We'll see when there's a girl group that disbands

- Suzy or Sunhwa

- People on Facebook say it's either Miss A or Secret

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