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IU and Seolhyun wearing a same dress

Pann: IU and Seolhyun's same clothes, different vibes

1. [+134, -15] Seolhyun has a better body but IU suits the dress more

2. [+88, -7] I'm a Seolhyun fan but IU suits it more because she's skinnier. I honestly thought Seolhyun didn't suit the clothes when I watched the music video because she has a good body with a clean(?) face. She looks daebak in plain color clothes.

3. [+74, -7] I like both

4. [+48, -21] Their bodies aside, IU suits it much better

5. [+42, -25] IU's pale skin makes her look very classy

6. [+32, -7] I think a pale face would suit the dress. IU looks better. We're not talking about their bodies.

7. [+27, -6] No wonder why girls want to have pale skin

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