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Eyesight 6.0

"There's an ant beside your foot"

He can read a word that's 20cm size from 800 meters away. For an average person, you can't even see a person from the distance.

He can't watch TV because he sees the TV pixels.


Pann: The dignity of actual eyesight 6.0

1. [+133, -0] His grandfather is said to have the lowest eyesight in his family but it's 3.0

2. [+124, -3] If he can't even watch TV, he must have some problems in daily life

3. [+82, -26] It could be a disease...

4. [+60, -1] Wow, it'll be useful for cheating

5. [+58, -0] I wonder how they see the world ㅋㅋ Will they see the germs on the hands? Will they see the pores on the face? ㅋㅋ It'll be uncomfortable

6. [+51, -0] As someone with a minus eyesight, I envy him so much. But the fact that he sees the TV pixels bothers me... I wish my eyesight could just be 1.0

7. [+50, -1] Wow, it'll be perfect when going to a concert...

8. [+47, -0] His family is a fishermen family generation after generation. They had good eyesight because in the past, they had to use only their eyes to see the movements of the fish. The business continued through the next generations and the eyesight was also inherent. I saw it on TV long time ago. 

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