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Eunkwang gets 10 seconds of screen time on My Little Television

Eunkwang got less than 10 seconds of screen time on this week's My Little Television despite the promising preview


Pann: My Little Television Seo Eunkwang is not fair

1. [+71, -0] Fucking MBC is the problem. WGM and IAC. IAC editing pissed me off so much. Minhyuk got a gold medal for high jump but he got 5 seconds of screen time. Does MBC have something against BTOB? Fuckers.

2. [+56, -1] It pisses me off so much. 3 seconds? They aired him in the preview and posted on Instagram to make the fans watch it but less than 10 seconds? I've disliked them for IAC and WGM. I want to beat them up.

3. [+54, -1] They promoted a lot using him because he has a lot of fans online. But the public, who actually watches the TV, doesn't know him so they just edited him out completely. Most of the viewers watch this show for Baek Chef and Kim Young Man.

4. [+35, -0] The reason why we're mad is not because of the screen time, it's because they used Eunkwang for media-play. The lineup was amazing this time so I expected little screen time. But we had the right to anticipate because they told us to. Eunkwang sang Tears at the end and it had a lot of views. Do you think we wanted 5~10 minutes of screen time? If they asked us to anticipate for the duet, they should've aired the performance for a minute. 3 seconds is just not right ㅋㅋ The fans waited for 2 weeks for this, it's so mean.

5. [+24, -0] On the Instagram and the preview, they told us to anticipate for Eunkwang and their duet stage. But it was aired for 3 seconds only, this is why we're mad. The fans wouldn't be mad if he was edited for being boring. They used him for the ratings. It's not a right manner towards a guest. 3 seconds? The fans at least wanted a minute of him getting 100 after singing Tears.

6. [+22, -4] The Hapkido Solji did was so boring whereas Eunkwang was funny just by standing still. MBC idiots are not thinking.

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