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Chanyeol gets criticized for his offensive gesture

This is a very offensive gesture, comment #2 explains it

Pann: (picture) What's this Park Chanyeol

1. [+182, -7] Hani got a lot of criticisms for betting her mom on a radio. You have no solution if you defend Chanyeol.

2. [+155, -6] Putting your thumb on your tongue and your 5th finger on your forehead is called 'hooker mom', it literally means, "I bet my mom that my opinion is right, and if I'm wrong, my mom is a hooker."

3. [+145, -8] Look at their amazing class

(Screencap of EXO-L defending Chanyeol)

4. [+73, -47] Bye, EXO. I wondered why they weren't flopping yet.

5. [+68, -23] He's extremely sly. He's so good at image-making on broadcast ㅋㅋㅋ


Pann: Hul, what's with Chanyeol's finger curse?

1. [+382, -61] I can see that Suho, Chen, and Kai are nice kids but Sehun, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol always cause trouble ㅋㅋ Other members are quiet but these members are always making noises.

2. [+300, -47] It can't be photoshopped. His skin tone is the same and his tongue, chin, and the wrinkles on his shirt are obvious. Don't defend him and say it's photoshopped. Bring the original picture then.

3. [+294, -41] Will you like an idol who curses their parents?


Pann: Look at Chanyeol's personalities

1. [+321, -179] They say sudden popularity will suddenly disappear... Bye Chanyeol.

2. [+261, -165] Even if you write this on Pann, EXO-roaches will downvote you ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+178, -295] It could be manipulated. It's still not confirmed, it's not wrong to defend him as a fan.


Pann: EXO Chanyeol's shocking personalities

1. [+230, -55] I'm not interested in this group but they're causing a lot of trouble with their personalities. A member even went to a bar when he was underage.

2. [+229, -23] Hul, you can't do the gesture accidentally ㅋㅋ He must be doing it often

3. [+213, -18] This is why your usual attitude is important

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