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Korean teenage boys 40 years ago

Pann: Teenage boys 40 years ago

1. [+35, -1] Better than the present

2. [+21, -4] The uniform in my father's generation looks cooler than the current one

3. [+16, -0] Woah, none of them is wearing glasses... It makes the graduation photos look cleaner(?) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ There was no smartphone and it was even hard to find a cellphone. Most people also didn't have a computer... It's random but I want to have a good eyesight.

4. [+12, -0] I might sound cheesy but I can feel the youth. Why do they look so cool...

5. [+9, -0] People in the past look cooler. I heard that teenage boys were the strongest at that time. They're so manly and cool.

6. [+9, -0] Honestly, I think people in the past look cooler. Not just their looks, but they're unique in their own ways. These days, people all look the same because they just copy trendy styles from celebrities.

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