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Idols from big 3 get paid as soon as they debut

SM, JYP, and YG idols get paid as soon as they debut
(JYP recently started this system)

Other companies pay their artists after they reach the break-even point (training cost, recording cost, album production cost, promotion cost, etc)

SM is the only company that covers the entire production cost

JYP covers album production cost except for some parts

YG doesn't charge training cost

(Idols from big 3 get paid even if they don't reach the break-even point)


Instiz: Idols that get paid as soon as they debut

- YG is only good at is dividing up

- No wonder why people all want to go to big companies

- Are you watching, TS? You should've at least paid them

- I think it's the same with Woollim and Cube. Didn't Infinite say they earned $48,000 during debut days?

- But SM's problem is that despite all those promotions, they pay little ㅠㅠㅠㅠ The artists work hard

- I think other companies can't do the same because they can't afford it

- YG even pays their trainees if they make money

- People call SM evil but the real evil ones are some small companies

- But the way SM divides the earnings... I heard that my bias doesn't get much

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