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Nam Joo Hyuk before he got his teeth done

Pann: Nam Joo Hyuk before he got his teeth done

1. [+115, -22] Gong Taekwang fangirls really hate Nam Joo Hyuk nowadays

2. [+113, -4] That's a middle school graduation photo, though ㅋㅋ This is high school

3. [+91, -2] His high school graduate photo ㅋㅋ Getting teeth done was god's work

4. [+79, -2] He still had a high nose and monolids. His face wasn't fully grown because he was in middle school. He looks the same except he's skinny in the photo. Getting teeth done was well done

5. [+69, -5] His teeth are well done. I don't believe that they're BTOB fans but it's pathetic how young fans of Gong Taekwang bash Joy and Nam Joo Hyuk

6. [+68, -4] After the female lead character ended up with Han Ian, Nam Joo Hyuk has been getting so much hate

7. [+66, -3] Gong Taekwang fans really hate Joy and Nam Joo Hyuk, they need to stop

8. [+62, -2] Gong Taekwang fangirls are nuts... You're only putting dirt on your oppa's face. Be nice

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