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Infinity Challenge members' places

Haha & Hyungdon - Mecenatpolis

Noh Hong Chul & Yoo Jae Suk - Apgujung Hyundai Apartment

Park Myung Soo & Jung Junha - Bangbae-dong Seorae Village

Kim Taeho PD - Han River Bamsum Jai


Pann: Infinity Challenge members' places

1. [+22, -0] Mecena is really good. They have everything, you basically don't to go out.

2. [+12, -0] I lived at Bamsum Jai and moved to Mecenapolis but I've never seen Infinity Challenge members or Kim Taeho PD ㅠㅠ But I saw Tablo a few times at Jai.

3. [+11, -0] Mecenapolis is where Running Man ep.100 was filmed, the god war special... The place where they rang bells with Kim Hee Sun.

4. [+9, -8] Why does Yoo Jae Suk live there

5. [+8, -0] Look how two members live at the same place ㅋㅋ

6. [+7, -0] There are so many elementary school students here ㅋㅋ Apgujung Hyundae is seriously expensive. It'll be the most expensive place in Korea when they re-build it.

7. [+7, -1] Mecena is Infinite's dorm, they live at a very good place...

8. [+5, -0] When will I live at a place like that... Mecena looks so good, it's like a future city.

9. [+4, -0] Why are you asking about Yoo Jae Suk living there? Are you an elementary school student? The cheapest price of Apjugung Hyundae is $1,700,000 ~ $2,000,000

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