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AOA gets caught doing sajaegi?

Album sales:

June 22 - 800
June 23 - 1,500
June 24 - 1,400
June 25 - 3,400
June 26 - 7,300 (???)
Total - 14,000

Sudden increase in album sales today. It's even bigger than the first four days combined.
Last year, the total of their sales in early days was only 5,000
The offline sales were less than 500


Instiz: A girl group currently under suspicion of sajaegi

- 7000?
-- In the morning, 3,000 were sold and in the evening, another 3,000 were sold

- To sell 7,000, a boy group has to hold a fansign ㅋㅋ
-- True. EXO's sales are no joke but they sell 9,000 when they hold a fansign
-- Indeed ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Recent fansign of SHINee sold 8,000

- But AOA is having a fansign
-- But fansign sales count as offline

- I guess their Japanese fandom is bulk buying. I heard that more than 30,000 are being sold in Japan
-- Other groups have bigger Japanese fandoms though, like Apink. But Apink didn't even sell 3,000 at once and there was no bulk buying. If there was, they would've provided a receipt.

- There are so many sajaegis these days

- What does that make other singers...

- Isn't FNC a listed company?

- Listed companies don't pay tax and do all sorts of stuff... As long as they don't get caught

- They should get rid of winning #1 system. It's getting more and more dirtier

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