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Idol Athletic Championship confirmed to be filmed on Oct 10

Instiz: [Exclusive] 'Idol Athletic Championship' comes back again... confirmed to be filmed on October 10th

- Please don't cast EXO!!!! EXO oppars are busy!!!!!!

- Thanks for our Minho picture but please don't cast him.....

- Go back go back go back

- They never give up, do they

- Don't come back, nobody welcomes you... Don't go there, kids ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

- Oh I guess the ratings are high enough...

- I believe you, Big Hit

- IAC won't make a second Doojoon

- Ah, will my bias go overseas on that day...

- They should guarantee some screen time, at least

- Even though idol fans don't watch it, adults watch it. So I don't think they'll cancel this show

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