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Girl groups that had bad relationships or conflicts

Jessica vs SNSD OT8

Hwang Jung Eum vs Ayumi (Sugar)
They openly targeted each other on a talk show

Chae Rina, Viki vs Jini
Chae Rina vs Viki
Viki, Jini vs Minkyung

Sunhwa vs Hana (Secret)
Side story: When they debuted, they were on a reality show. Hana and Hyosung had a fight and Song Jieun got scared and cried.

Ryu Hwayoung vs T-ara OT6
Hwayoung was 100% at disadvantage because of the potentials of media-play and the company's power. However, the company and the members dealt the situation extremely poorly and as a result, Hwayoung was defended by the nation. It even surpassed the heat of the Olympics.

Kahi targeted After School
People assume Kahi talked about After School when she was talking about girl group members that "need to get hit and are annoying". She also hinted that she's not close with Orange Caramel.

Bestie 3 vs EXID 3
Yooji's father revealed that there were fights and conflicts when they were splitting. People thought the members were leaving for studies but they came back as Bestie after a year. The fans were speechless.

Lee Hyori vs Sung Yuri, Lee Jin (Fin.K.L)

Side story: Lee Hyori also had rumors of bad relationship with Lee Jung Hyun


Instiz: Girl groups that had bad relationships and conflicts

- I think Lee Jihye's group is the daebak one... Visiting the hospital with white flowers...

- Didn't Secret say their fight was scripted?

- No matter what, girls end up fighting when they're put together

- It's hard to find idols that don't fight at all... It's the same with boy groups

- No Jewelry?

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