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Hallyu star idol under suspicion of drug use

Instiz 1, 2: [Exclusive] The prosecution gets another list of singers under drug use... An idol under suspicion

- On the 22nd, a big company staff got caught at Incheon Airport for using drug
- Some popular idols were also summoned while investigating him

One particular idol is said to be a hallyu star and was specifically named by the staff member as one of the people he/she used cocaine with. This idol is also under the same agency as the staff member, and they would secretly take drugs at the recording studio and various secret locations with other acquaintances to avoid being spotted. (AKP)


- A performance staff from a big company, hallyu star, famous idol? Who are they?

- Hul, drug should never be taken as a joke

- Why is the picture GD? I think they can be sued? What if it's not him...

- I don't think EXO is the type to do drugs

- Revealing the list will bring a storm

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