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Sunhwa & Hana drama

Sunhwa writes an ambiguous tweet on what Hana said

Hyosung clarifies on Radio Star

"I was about to sleep but it wakes me up... That's not it."
Sunhwa 'denies' the clarification


Pann: What's going on between Sunhwa and Hana

1. [+354, -20] What does that make Hyosung who tried to clarify ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Her victim-play is great.

2. [+325, -19] Sunhwa is not an 'actual' attention-seeker. She's an 'obvious' attention-seeker.

3. [+262, -61] I think they have a lot of things built up inside. They're been a group for years and they're acting like this now. Maybe they're at their limit? I don't know about idols but I feel bad for Sunhwa.

4. [+156, -5] Both of them should've made up privately after Hyosung gave a clarification. She's immature for posting the tweet on her official account.

5. [+125, -1] I think she's talking on SNS because she doesn't see them privately. They seem to be very distant from each other. Hyosung looked like she was just repeating what her CEO had told her. They debuted 7 years ago but they drank together only once... I know that they're a busy girl group but still...

6. [+114, -2] It's my first time of feeling bad for Hyosung

7. [+105, -3] She thinks Secret is over ㅋㅋ She's careless because she filmed a drama and has actress disease.

8. [+96, -7] She doesn't even care about Hyosung clarifying for her and is embarrassing her. She must be having actress disease because she thinks she's popular after her drama. Sunhwa-ya, do you think it'll last long? Don't you remember how you and Hyomin were nugu 1 and 2 on Invincible Youth because Secret and T-ara were rookie groups? You used to be shy and do weird stuff to get yourself known in front of big sunbaes and I thought you were a hard-worker... You looked at least cute because of your dumb image but now, you're just a show-off airhead.

9. [+73, -1] Hul ㅋㅋㅋㅋ What is this ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I feel bad for Hyosung the most

10. [+72, -1] Sunhwa is either extremely dumb or making an excuse to avoid renewing her contract to be an actress

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