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EXO-L's rude manners at baseball game with Baekhyun's pitch

My Daily article

Baekhyun's baseball pitch brought a lot of EXO fans to the game

A fan was caught with a fake pass to enter the game

After Baekhyun finished his pitch, Baekhyun fans left their seats in the middle of the game to see Baekhyun closer, disturbing other audience

The fans were gathered around Baekhyun's seat, again disturbing other people

A fan taking pictures of Baekhyun


Pann: EXO fans were rude at today's baseball game ㅡㅡ

1. [+48, -71] They didn't leave though? They went down to the field when Baekhyun was throwing the ball and in the pictures, they're just going back to their seats. I'm sure the fans didn't leave because Baekhyun stayed on his seat. And that journalist is infamous for making up false rumors

2. [+47, -58] I went to the game but I didn't even know that it happened. A lot of fans stayed until the end, including me. We cheered, sang, and the overall game was really good. No one got hurt

3. [+43, -58] This is the fact. Stop targeting us

(EXO fans tweeting that the journalist is not reliable)

4. [+37, -5] The journalist is so-so but it's true that a fan had a fake pass ㅡㅡ Do you really want to ruin your life for an idol? On Same Bed Different Dreams, the girl said she was willing to give her organs when her mother was listening beside her... This is serious illness...

5. [+33, -5] The pictures clearly tell it, how is this false rumors? Why would a bunch of girls leave and take pictures at a baseball game? No wonder why EXO is the only one that treats EXO-roaches as humans

6. [+33, -6] EXO fans can't put themselves in other people's shoes. They took a bunch of baseball fans' seats just to see Baekhyun's pitch and played on their phones and took pictures while others were cheering for the game... They're very rude

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