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Crisis of Abnormal Summit, Law of the Jungle, and Happy Together

JTBC's Abnormal Summit

SBS's Law of the Jungle

KBS's Happy Together


Article: <Go Seung Hee journalist's channels> Three variety shows in a crisis

Source: Herald via Naver

1. [+3645, -526] Jun Hyun Moo's dissing gags are uncomfortable. He disses Guillaume's clothes and Zhang Yuan's speaking. I also want them to stop the abnormal song and late news, I don't find them funny at all. I'd rather watch their discussion instead

2. [+3347, -279] Honestly, Happy Together is really boring nowadays

3. [+2634, -241] I stopped watching these three shows at some point

4. [+2014, -83] A show will fall behind if it's not funny

5. [+1833, -128] Do we have to see a jungle on a variety show? Kim Byung Man's funny side is gone because he's been to the jungle too many times. SNL was legendarily boring

6. [+538, -12] WGM and Quiz To Change The World are the worst

7. [+502, -10] Please cancel WGM

8. [+429, -11] WGM is the first show that needs to be taken off air. It's seriously boring

9. [+408, -11] For Abnormal Summit, I want the MCs to tone their comments down, like the global culture war gags... And I don't understand why they have to show off their bodies and do mukbang at a jungle. It's been a long time since I've watched Happy Together

10. [+391, -7] Happy Together fans have been saying for three years that the show needs to be changed and yet the frustrating staff is not listening. It ended up like this. Yoo Jae Suk has been running the show for 13 years, it's a waste to end this show. Please wake up and change the show completely! Listen to the viewers

11. [+218, -12] Abnormal Summit got boring after kimigayo scandal. Law of Jungle got boring after they were caught with manipulations. Happy Together got boring after Shin Bong Sun and Heo Kyung Hwan left the show

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