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Blind item of a quiet idol speeding at late nights

Famous idol A in his 20's, who has many fans all over the world, is found to be doing 'speed driving' at late nights. A recently obtained a driver's license and the fans were worried that he might get a car or even be in a relationship. But even though there were worries, he still bought a foreign car by lease, which doesn't fit his image. Since then, he's been into driving.

The problem is that whenever A drives, he always gets a speeding ticket, shocking the people around him. He is seen as a quiet member and he doesn't stand out in his group. No one had expected A to be speeding recklessly.

A's car was captured by speed checking cameras at crowded places like Seoul Gangnam Chungdamdong and also uncrowded places at countryside. There are even suspicions of him having dates at those places.

A is enjoying his risky habit while avoiding his fans' eyes, but he might end up as 'accident-dol' like some of his sunbaes. A's two-faced life is worrying the people around him.

(Source: Newsen)


Instiz: Idol A gets caught speeding, will he cause a legendary accident [entertainment industry rumors]

- It's not Infinite, none of them are quiet

- He's in his 20's and quiet, it's not SuJu

- Which idol got a car by lease?

- Maybe the fans don't even know that he got a driver's license?

- I don't think it's laughable ㅠㅠ It's seriously dangerous

- But us fans can't view it objectively because the public doesn't watch all variety shows. The public will think a member is quiet if they don't say much on interviews and national broadcast shows

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