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ZE:A Dongjoon's Lovestagram

Thanked his fans for their support while wearing a couple sweater

Couple ring on his pinky

The tag ## means they're together

More of ##s on their Instagrams

Fan account:

"DJ fans, please read this. I went to watch a musical at Hyehwa, and DJ was entering the theater while holding hands with a girl. They were wearing masks and hats. I stared at them and they disappeared. I'm a staff of another fandom and the member I'm in charge of had backstabbed us fans once ㅋㅋ That's why I'm telling you this, it's a real fact."

ZE:A Heechul uploaded an Instagram post with ## to shield Dongjoon, which only backfired.

Dongjoon and Jung Jae Eun both deleted their Instagram posts.

K-fans raging

Their musical

Jae Eun's Instagram:

"I got a #gift from a #celebrity. #Thankyou #ZE:A #KimDongJoon #oppa"

The bracelet Dongjoon gave her is a gift from ZE:A's gallary (fans)


Instiz: ZE:A Dongjoon's Lovestagram

- Even giving out a fan's gift ㅠㅠ

- Hul.....................

- The couple sweater is fine but the bracelet.....

- You should never mess up with fans' gifts

- Ugh... can't he think of how fans would feel? I feel so sad

- SNS should disappear. Do they really want to hint it like that

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