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Rainbow hair - Sehun vs Key


Pann: Rainbow hair Sehun vs Key

1. [+237, -14] Sehun looks cute and Key looks fancy

2. [+206, -14] SHINee Key has another rainbow hair. It's prettier than that


3. [+178, -16] Key is also pretty

4. [+64, -2] People, SHINee is having a comeback. Please pay lots of attention :)


5. [+58, -7] Let's be fucking honest. Key suits rainbow hair. Objectively, that parrot hair ruined Sehun's looks. It doesn't suit him at all. It's not like Sehun doesn't suit light hair but it was such a bad style

6. [+53, -2] Key looks fancy with his midway parting... I want to try it

7. [+51, -6] Key for rainbow


8. [+48, -2] Sehun looks good in his own way and Key looks good in his own way. I'm EXO-L but I also like Key because he dresses well and he's handsome


9. [+42, -2] Key also looks pretty with this!


10. [+42, -0] Sehun is cute and Key-nim is totally fancy

11. [+37, -2] Crazy, Key's hair color is so pretty

12. [+35, -1] Seeing Key's hair, I can sense SHINee's comeback

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