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Winner fansite copies EXO fansite's doll

EXO fansite tweeted:

"The doll company told us that there was the exact same design but with a different face. We're tweeting this because the company contacted us. I think you should up come with your own idea when making something, that's the very basic manner. I'm very dumbfounded."

Above - Doll design of EXO Baekhyun
Below - Doll design of Winner Jinwoo


Instiz: Winner fansite copies EXO fansite's doll

- It's totally the same. Even the doll company contacted them to let them know... Did they copy it for business purpose?

- It would've been a big trouble if the company didn't tell them

- I'm sorry as a Winner fan ㅠㅠ

- They apologized but the process was frustrating... I was so frustrated. Baekhyun fansite admin's reaction was refreshing

- Hul... So shameless. Do they know how hard it is to design and produce it? Why would they copy it?

- Don't plagiarize other's work!!

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