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Momoland JooE's rise to popularity

Hong Jin Young held a contest for her 'Ring Ring' stage

Rookie girl group Momoland participated in the contest

Momoland won the contest and performed with Hong Jin Young. JooE got attention for her hardcore dance in fancams.

Momoland's company made an EDM version of their title track and made JooE do the dance break

Twitter account of JooE's dances was created and went viral

Kim Taeho PD brought her on Infinity Challenge

She was cast in a drink CF

She guested on Radio Star

JooE and Momoland became #1 search terms after Radio Star aired

Their new song won #1


Pann: Butterfly effect of Momoland that Hong Jin Young could've never imagined

1. [+101, -2] Nancy and Yeonwoo were the most promoted members when they debuted but JooE is the one getting responses... You never know what will happen to people. JooE's hardwork is amazing.

2. [+72, -0] Their company must've never imagined this. They must've thought the visual members Yeonwoo or Nancy would become popular but JooE hit daebak ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Momoland's new song is good, I hope it charts higher~

3. [+45, -0] Of course, hard-workers are the ones that succeed.

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