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How SM chose EXO members

"Out of 120 trainees, 100 were chosen. Out of 100, 60 were chosen. Out of 60, 24 were chosen. From 24, 12 were chosen. They eliminated one trainee every week.


Pann: How SM chose EXO members

1. [+345, -2] I wonder why the traitors went through all that just to bail at the end.

2. [+325, -31] Why are people questioning Sehun? Do you think the judges chose him for nothing? You can't even dream of getting into SM.

3. [+269, -4] Is this Produce 120?

4. [+142, -10] What's with people putting down Sehun? Sehun is still handsome, tall, rich, and a good dancer~

5. [+137, -5] DO and Baekhyun were god's work ㅋㅋ They're so charming.

6. [+118, -9] The comments ㅋㅋ Sehun was chosen because he had qualities to be chosen. The judges chose him, why question it?

7. [+112, -4] I heard they put so much effort into EXO. It's true I guess.

8. [+105, -0] The reason why SM doesn't send their trainees to Produce 101 is because they're doing their own SMduce.

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