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Kim Young Min mentions SHINee & hip-hop in his interview + YG reference?

Instiz: SM CEO Kim Young Min's controversial interview that targets YG

Kim Young Min:

"Each SHINee member has their own advantage, and I personally think SHINee's advantage is their 'brilliant fanciness'. It's not easy to be fancy and brilliant at the same time. 'Hip-hop' is dark, and 'brilliant' sounds like trying hard. SHINee is about brilliant fanciness."


- I only see it as a praise for SHINee

- Didn't Yang Hyun Suk say something about EXO before? I don't really see the problem. Kim Young Min should focus on working on his company instead of saying these things

- I'm a hardcore Bigbang fan but I don't see what's wrong

- Is it controversial because he says hip-hop is dark and brilliance is trying hard?

- Well it's true that hip-hop is dark, isn't it?

- Since when it became like 'YG = hip-hop'?

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