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Bangtan Boys continues to get criticized + EXID, VIXX, Bigbang

Pann: Bangtan won #1 on M Countdown because of physical sales


1. [+331, -46] EXID must feel uncomfortable at how he's singing Loser

2. [+303, -120] Sajaegi. Dirty jerks

3. [+301, -102] They already have celebrity disease

4. [+98, -8] EXID would've won #1 if it wasn't the physical sales. Here's another victim of the sajaegi

5. [+89, -3] I didn't dislike Bangtan even with sajaegi but they were really rude ㅋㅋ Made me lose all my interest in them. Do they not check the Internet? Some young fans defend them and say it's because he respects Bigbang ㅋㅋ I can only laugh. So if you respect, you'd sing such a song when you're winning #1?

6. [+82, -7] I really don't like them ㅋㅋ I hate how EXO is mentioned because of this. I want them to clarify their sajaegi. They're not even bringing the receipts. They're only trying to bury this issue


Pann: Bangtan V is an attention seeker

(Pann lists all the gifs of V attention seeking)

1. [+298, -38] Clarify the sajaegi instead. They won #1 through sajaegi, why aren't they clarifying it?

2. [+286, -38] Look at these rude Armys downvoting everything

3. [+273, -42] Sajaegi-dols

4. [+120, -8] He tries so hard to look 4-D

5. [+96, -4] They didn't even get criticized during Ladies' Code's mention. Laboum didn't do anything but they were the only ones getting criticized while BTS didn't. I'm speechless


Pann: VIXX is treated like shit by Bangtan?

1. [+102, -8] (Starlight) This didn't end in a good way. I don't understand why those fans claim that it ended in a good way. We had let it go because we didn't want VIXX to know about it. And why didn't they give feedback for our issue when they gave quick feedback for the current issue? So frustrating

2. [+96, -7] (Starlight) We had to let it go because us fans wanted to. I'm honestly upset at how they released clarifications for Bigbang

3. [+87, -7] I'm honestly mad but it'd be funny to demand an apology from Rapmon now... I just hope that you know this did not end in a good way. Us Starlights don't like VIXX getting involved in unpleasant situations. This was why we had let it go before


Pann: About Bangtan... Please read

1. [+132, -13] Just bring the receipts and it will be over. Just bring the receipts

2. [+128, -12] Us Armys are also trying to find out but the company is staying silent. I'm sorry for all the people affected by this. We're also working on the search term clean. I'm sorry for those waiting for it

3. [+123, -15] Even if the sajaegi is true, it's still done by the company. I feel like the fans are holding the full responsibility. Find strength


Pann: Taehyung tweeted

(Pann talks about V's clarification on why he sang Loser)

1. [+85, -16] How is that an apology? It's only an excuse, not a clarification. Shouldn't he be serious with this? He's not even saying sorry. It pisses me off even more

2. [+83, -14] It doesn't even look like he's apologizing. He's only making up excuses for himself. It's an apology if you say "sorry"

3. [+77, -15] I hate him even more


Pann: Bangtan can't but Bigbang can?

1. [+271, -47] Bigbang and Sistar were nominees. Sistar won #1 with alone but the fans didn't react, that's why Excited Bae acted like that... Youngbae was only trying to show good reactions. He still got hate on Pann 3 years ago for this. He didn't get a pass, you just don't know

2. [+206, -12] It's not like "Bangtan can't but Bigbang can", they both can't. Bigbang got enough criticisms for it and it never happened again. Just because someone is wrong, it doesn't mean that another can be wrong. Don't try to drag others down

3. [+162, -5] Then what about V dancing during the speech of Ladies' Code? Please know the atmosphere, immature Armys. Are you guys fans or antis? You're only dragging other artists to put blames on them

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