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When is an idol group considered popular?

Pann: When is an idol group considered popular?

(Pann says popular groups are EXO, SHINee, B2ST, Infinite, and Block B. Bigbang is above popular. BTS, BTOB, and VIXX are uncertain.)

1. [+295, -252] Is Block B really considered popular?

2. [+249, -3] In my opinion, it's when the fandom is quite established, they have certain fans, and when they win #1 with each comback

3. [+203, -113] BTOB and VIXX are trends? What a joke ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+136, -21] It's when the group gets called a trend. Those groups were trends

5. [+121, -29] I don't agree with VIXX, BTOB, Block B, and Bangtan

6. [+103, -10] Block B and B1A4 are popular. BTOB, VIXX, and Bangtan are getting there. VIXX is the most popular one among them

7. [+82, -16] When the idols get hate on pann

8. [+79, -0] When non-fans know at least three songs from the group

9. [+72, -54] What about B1A4? Us Banas have weak fandom power online but we're strong offline

10. [+59, -6] It's until Block B and B1A4. VIXX is barely on the line, they should do well with their next promotion. I like BTOB but I don't agree with them... Please win #1

11. [+56, -4] Bangtan and VIXX are only known by idol fans in their teens. BTOB is completely unknown except teenagers

12. [+39, -1] I'm sorry but it's until Infinite. You shouldn't look at it from a teenager's perspective. Infinite is the last idol group that's known by adults. Who knows idols like Bangtan Boys and VIXX? They're not popular, they're objectively nugu

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