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Eight hardest majors to study

Instiz: Top 8 majors that are hard to study

8) Mechanical engineering

7) Electronic engineering

6) Accounting

5) Medicine/ medical science

4) Laws

3) Ballistics

2) Nuclear physics

1) Quantum physics (Einstein also found it hard to study)


- Math is a basic course that's hard, right? I missed my scholarship because of math...

- I liked studying laws so it wasn't too bad for me

- Electronic engineering is only 7th? It's the biggest and the most high-tech major in the world

- I'm seeing my major ^^....

- I really hate accounting ㅠㅠ It's a totally different language

- I'm bad at science... I find people good at science attractive ㅠㅠ

- Let me smile as a humanities major

- The reason why accounting is hard is because if there's a tiny mistake, you have to re-do it all over from the start...

- Common characteristic of these majors - very high chance of getting employed

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