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Criticisms on IU's acting career

Pann: Don't defend IU's acting

(Pann criticizes IU fans' shield)

1. [+85, -122] But don't you think the fans will be upset when people say, "leave the drama, IU is ruining the actors and the drama" when she's trying hard? Excessive shield is problematic but hating is more problematic

2. [+67, -17] Agreed

3. [+51, -11] It definitely upsets the viewers when the actress lacks acting skills. Why can't we be mad at that? We're anticipating the story and the actors but here comes IU, fuck. She's a very established singer. Why is she affecting others with her greed when she earns a bunch? IU can hire an acting teacher, learn, and act when she's good enough. I don't understand why she keeps taking big roles when she lacks acting. Why do we have to watch her weak acting?

4. [+50, -2] Not just IU, everybody gets criticized if they're bad at acting. Her acting is honestly not good

5. [+49, -15] There isn't any celebrity whose shield is as excessive as IU. They must've never seen criticisms towards Goo Hye Sun. She got much more hate than IU. Her stans are crazy

6. [+48, -15] I like IU as a singer but this is not right. She flopped two dramas and the public doesn't want her, but she's still being greedy. She should then focus on acting, but she's also releasing a new track. Her blank eyes as she's sitting down makes the atmosphere awkward. Stop with the shield. Stop IU from acting if you really care for her. She'll gain nothing but antis if she keeps acting

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