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Bestie's unpopularity

Leader Hyeyeon

Main vocalist Yooji

Lead vocalist Dahye

Sub vocalist Haeryung


Pann: A group that's not getting popular even with talents and looks

1. [+81, -114] I honestly prefer Bestie over EXID... They look more familiar

2. [+53, -27] I really want Bestie to do well like EXID ㅠㅠ Honestly, EXID would've been on Sistar's level if the original six members stayed ㅠㅠ Good bodies, looks, and singing talents ㅠㅠ It's sad but I wish the best for Bestie ㅠㅠ I Need You and Hot Baby are such good songs

3. [+49, -19] A lot of people still don't know this. The reason why Bestie members Yooji, Hyeyeon, and Haeryung left EXID is not because of bad relationship. It's because of their contracts ㅠㅠ EXID LE, Junghwa, and Hani are under Shinsadong Tiger and Bestie Yooji, Hyeyeon, and Haeryung are under the company. They had to part away...

4. [+24, -14] There's always a reason for unpopularity

5. [+19, -2] Spica... Spica!!!!!!!!! They're really good at singing and they did a program. Why aren't they popular

6. [+18, -0] I personally loved Love Options and I Need You. Their public recognition is too small. I thought Excuse Me would do well but it didn't ㅠㅠ What's the reason

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