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What's your biggest regret?

Pann: What's your biggest regret?

1. [+361, -3] I'd been eating too much without thinking

2. [+275, -4] Too many regrets. I regret every moment

3. [+216, -3] My eyesight turned bad because I was on a computer too much when I was young

4. [+103, -3] I never got mad at my friend because I was worried that they'll hate me

5. [+102, -1] I hurt my mom emotionally

6. [+86, -2] I told my secret to untruthful people. I didn't expect this, you trashy bitches

7. [+78, -1] I kept procrastinating and now I have to finish this. I don't even know how to start

8. [+70, -5] I talked behind their back ㅋㅋ It's a serious regret...

9. [+60, -1] Your past can't be perfect but your future can be perfect. Hwaiting, everyone

10. [+50, -0] I said something I didn't want to

11. [+47, -0] I didn't brush my teeth often when I was young

12. [+40, -0] On an exam, I changed an answer but it was wrong... The answers I write first are always right, fuck

13. [+39, -0] I made my eyesight go bad on purpose

14. [+38, -0] I cared how people see me too much. I regret for not living confidentially

15. [+35, -0] Cell division

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