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SNSD's Catch Me If You Can music video is plagiarism?

Pann: Another controversy of SNSD's plagiarism

1. [+150, -126] I'm not a fan but a lot of male and female artists use the same concept and outfits. You're trying hard to ruin SNSD, hwaiting for you! And don't mention Apink or GFriend

2. [+139, -82] So a girl group is plagiarizing if they use a school classroom or a cafe ㅋㅋ Above Hyori unnie, Wan Sun unnie did the same thing and so did foreign artists~ Are you saying that SNSD shouldn't even film MV? On Infinity Challenge, Park Myung Soo copied a foreign poster when he was filming Fyah MV, so it's also plagiarizing?

3. [+104, -41] Non-fans and antis are more pathetic. I don't know if the songs sound similar because I haven't heard the song but in those pictures, the MVs look similar indeed. But I don't want to defend them and I don't think SNSD deserves to get criticized. But if you want to question plagiarism, shouldn't you compare the storylines and the flows? If you only post these photos without any explanations, people will obviously think it's plagiarism because the place and outfits look similar. At the end, only the singers get criticized. This is a serious problem. Then every art should be plagiarism. You need to be more detailed to argue

4. [+53, -64] This is also said to be plagiarism and I was speechless ㅋㅋ Usually, airplanes and flight attendants all take pictures like that. The left is Korean Air, are they also plagiarizing? Think logically, you antis


5. [+47, -11] Those who filmed MVs with school concept are all plagiarizing. Go to the court

6. [+44, -5] If you're holding a gun in suit, you're plagiarizing 007 James Bond

7. [+41, -3] Rain already did the same concept before. So are they copying Rain then?

8. [+36, -11] If this is plagiarizing because of the similar concept, then shouldn't all school concepts be labelled as plagiarism?

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