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Five boy group leaders

Pann: Five male leaders who lead their teams well

BAP Yongguk

B2ST Doojoon

EXO Suho


Infinite Sunggyu


1. [+193, -22] Infinite is like a hen and six chicks. They learn from the leader and they bow when the leader bows ㅋㅋ Anybody has the gif where Sunggyu takes off his jacket and the members do the same?


2. [+179, -21] You're such a stan of your own members...


"Infinite members were at a grill restaurant. The members were busy eating, and Sunggyu ate the burnt ones at the end."

3. [+174, -22] Sunggyu is more like a parent than a leader ㅋㅋ


4. [+83, -6] He's been protecting for 17 years. Who's the winner now?


5. [+82, -19] I knew Joonmyun would be there. Thanks for being EXO's leader, Joonmyun


6. [+74, -43] Suho is good but the members are not catching up

7. [+73, -8] Doojoon is amazing. 6 years without any controversies or bad relationship. He really leads his group well

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