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Shawols vs EXO-L after EXO's guesting on Jonghyun's Blue Night

Pann: SHINee fans' reactions to EXO guesting on Blue Night

- I'm so mad at how Blue Night is being used

- I fucking hate how SM idols suddenly started coming on it

- I literally said fuck

- Seriously, as soon as I saw the guest, I literally said fuck

- I hope Jonghyun says new stories while they're at it

- My precious radio ㅠㅠ Fuck

- Fuck... they stole my Tuesday happiness

- This is fucking stupid fuck ㅠㅠ


1. [+323, -65] Then should I post the screencaps of curses towards SHINee from EXO gallery? How dare you bring gallery comments ㅋㅋ And Blue Night is very precious for Jonghyun, he even said SHINee will guest after 3 years. Because SM might put idols for promotions, it got a lot of hate in the beginning. He was careful to avoid all the potential hate towards SM idols. He was also careful when playing a SHINee song. But SM is really being stupid. There are a plenty of radio stations where a bunch of idols can guest and talk. So why did they even have to delete a permanent corner to put EXO on Blue Night???

2. [+285, -75] EXO-roaches, you guys should know what you've done to SHINee before ㅋㅋ Don't you guys remember how SHINee fans had to stand in the rain for 2 hours because of EXO-roaches?

3. [+188, -366] It's fucking tiring to be associated with Sharoaches

4. [+141, -8] It's a mess because it's EXO ㅋㅋ When the radio called EXO, the fans terrored the radio with texts saying "why is he only guesting through his voice"... Jonghyun even had to apologize. It's buried because it happened on DC only

5. [+109, -5] Woah look how you're not showing the full story ㅋㅋ Stop with the angel Shawol thing. So SHINee fans should always stay silent because they're angel Shawols? And on music shows, Minho fans' seats were almost gone because of rude EXO fans

6. [+89, -183] Sharoaches are fucking pissing me off

7. [+84, -15] Sharoaches? ㅋㅋ EXO-roaches are worse

8. [+80, -4] And you don't remember how we almost lost our seats and how we had to stand for 2 hours

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