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Suzy hater on Twitter is an SM/Yoona fan?

Pann: The person's identity who was tweeting Suzy to die for a year

Hater tweets to Suzy:
"Get out of the entertainment industry! Die in a car accident"
"Hateful person... I hope you die in a car accident."

Suzy replies:
"So you wish I'm dead."


(The Suzy hater's tweets about Yoona's activities)


1. [+135, -118] All soshi fans and SM fandoms are the same

2. [+94, -39] On a Soneroach site, they were talking abouy manipulating the comments on Suzy articles. When they were caught, they deleted their posts and ran away. Again, they're doing this. Do they know how many people have seen that person's tweets? Bad people

3. [+72, -52] Suzy fans, calm down and listen. I like Suzy so I don't want to fight Suzy fans. I know that you guys get mad when we send hateful tweets. That's why we also had fights with EXO fans. I know that it's upsetting but you Suzy fans always claim that those haters are Yoona-roaches or Soneroaches when a lot of them are SM fans. The person also tweeted a lot about other SM actors and idols, and yet you're claiming that the person is a Yoona fan. I don't like how you guys assume that all SM fans that hate Suzy are Soneroaches. I watched all Suzy's dramas, saved her pictures, and tried to stop the fights between Suzy fans and Sones by leaving good comments. I tried to stop the rude fans and apologized Suzy fans. But you guys need to realize that you're somewhat wrong, too. It's not like all of us hate Suzy and we get enough criticisms

4. [+51, -13] This is too much... Car accident? SM fans are known to be rude but this is over the line

5. [+47, -17] Soshi SM fans' way of manipulating the comments is amazing

6. [+47, -18] Of course, it's SM

7. [+41, -12] Someone who was leaving hateful comments for YG for 6 years was also turned out to be a legit staff member of SM ㅋㅋ I know it's the person's fault and not SM but there are many stupid SM fans like that because SM has a ton of fans

8. [+34, -5] They're so mean... How can someone act like that?

9. [+31, -46] Suzy fans are just as the same~ Calling Yoona anorexia and stuff. Be glad that SM is ignoring it

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