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Imaginary 4-member boy groups

Pann: Boy group A vs Boy group B

Team A

EXO Baekhyun

B2ST Yoseob

B1A4 Sandeul

SHINee Onew


Team B

SHINee Jonghyun

B1A4 Baro

B2ST Doojoon

EXO Chanyeol


1. [+69, -9] I vote for A. First of all, a singer has to sing, so I'm more interested in A since it's more vocally focused. I'm not saying that Jonghyun and Doojoon can't sing but there's a difference. A is a vocal team and B is just idol music. But we'll never know

2. [+58, -3] Isn't A better? B's singing will be carried by Jonghyun... I think it'll depend on the music they bring. B has good voices so if their songs can show that, then they can even exceed A. A is guaranteed a success

3. [+58, -6] B's vocal is a bit risky but it's also a refreshing try. I'm interested in the combination of Doojoon and Jonghyun. Baro and Chanyeol have good voices, too. I prefer B because it's more unique than A. For A, we already know that they'll be a good vocal team... I think A can even be a legendary idol group. They have no error members

4. [+23, -3] B for me... I personally am a big fan of Doojoon's voice. They also have Jonghyun... It'd be jjang

5. [+21, -0] A is an all-kill of idol singing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+20, -0] A will be the best vocal group and will gain many stans... B lacks vocals... Jonghyun will be the main vocal and Doojoon will be the sub vocal but it's not enough

7. [+19, -0] Vocal for A aside, they're huge stan attractors... The pictures already make me breathless

8. [+18, -0] I personally want to see Doojoonese at the end of the year


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